Olive Tins

Elysian Foods isn’t just renown for its Taramasalata and Tzatziki, we also import the very best Greek Olives and marinate them in fresh Aotearoa New Zealand garlic, lemons and wild Greek oregano.
Currently, we only sell them in bulk to supermarkets, delis and restaurants, although if you're passing through Alicetown, you’re very welcome to drop by our HQ, where we always keep a supply of 1kg bags available for customers.
Our olives arrive in these beautiful tins, and to date, we’ve been recycling them, but we think they could be so much more than an olive tin!  After some trial and error, we’ve worked out how to take the top off the tins without leaving any sharp edges and they can be used as rubbish bins, planters (ideal for your potted Olive Tree perhaps?) – or anything else you can think of!

How To Get Hold Of Olive Tins


If you’re a not-for-profit organisation we can supply them free of charge. You can pick up from our warehouse in Alicetown, or we can deliver around Wellington (freight charges may apply if you’re outside Wellington).

If you're not a not-for-profit organisation, we're still happy to supply containers, we just ask you to make a donation to Kaibosh in return. Once you've made a donation to this Wellington-based charity, send us a copy of the receipt and your details so we can arrange a pick-up time or delivery.

Contact hello@elysianfoods.com


Olive Tins

Dimensions: 350mm x 235mm

*Note that some of the tins have minor creases or marks on them.