Our Story

Elysian Foods was established in 2000 by Basil and Martha Yiannoutsous, working out of their well-known Deli in Miramar. Due to the high demand for Basil’s Taramasalata, he began making it in larger batches and distributing it to supermarkets and delis around the country. 
In 2017 Basil and Martha sold the business to the new owner, Toby Green.
In 2022 Elysian Foods moved across the harbour to a new factory in Alicetown.
The Elysian range of handcrafted products now includes Taramasalata, Elaiasalata, Tzatziki and Marinated Olives.

What's in the name?

Elysium, also known as the Elysian Fields, comes from Greek mythology. The Elysian Fields were the paradise to which heroes, on whom the gods had conferred immortality, were sent.
In Homer’s writings, the Elysian Fields were a land of perfect happiness at the end of the Earth, on the banks of the Oceanus.