Empty Plastic Containers

Here at Elysian Foods, we love to reuse, upcycle and recycle our waste!
We currently have an excess of plastic containers that we’d love to go to a better home!  If you fancy getting hold of some of these, we'd love to help.
If you’re a not for profit organisation we can supply them free of charge, you can pick up from our warehouse in Miramar or we can deliver (within reason) around Wellington.
If you're not a not for profit organisation, we're still happy to supply containers, we just ask you to make a donation to Kaibosh in return! Once you've made a donation to this Wellington-based charity, send us a copy of the receipt and your details so we can arrange a pick up time or delivery.
Rectangular containers:
4L -  240mm x 180mm x 125mm
4.5L - 200mm (diameter) x 170mm (height) approx