Elysian Foods is on the move

17th April 2022

Elysian Foods is excited to announce that it will be moving premises this year.

Four and half years ago, the Yiannoutsos family passed on their secret recipes to Toby and his family. Since then, Elysian Foods has grown considerably in size, aided in large part by the introduction of the very popular Elaiasalata olive dip in early 2020.

The move to larger premises will enable Elysian to introduce new products to its range as well as better serve its existing customers, and help expand to parts of New Zealand that are only lightly touched by Elysian products.

Toby and Sarah are pictured standing in what will shortly become the new Elysian kitchen. Renovations and building work are well underway in the new premises. This should be ready by the middle of May this year.

We’ll be really sad to leave our current warehouse/kitchen in Miramar. Not only are we surrounded by great food companies, but Miramar has traditionally been the home for the Greek community in Wellington – and still is for many Greek families.

Petone, where Elysian Foods is moving to, is a great foodie destination in itself. Nearby Jackson Street is bustling with food shops as well great cafes and delis.
The short boat trip across the Wellington harbour from Miramar to Petone is somewhat reminiscent of traveling between Greek Islands. On a good day at least!


  • Just to say I absolutely love your Taramasalata. Would have to be best ever. So nice on vogels for breakfast, but,,, unfortunately it is not gluten free which is very sad, do you have to add breadcrumbs.
    Robyn Evans.

    Robyn Evans
  • Hi Elysian
    Did you re-open your shop – now in Petone-former Miramar?
    What is your new address please?
    Thank you

  • Hi Toby & Sarah, I work for the Jackson Street Programme – we promote Jackson Street as a destination, we promote its heritage, and we work on behalf of the businesses + building owners. We’d love to have an opportunity to speak to you – please call or email me and we can go from there: (04) 9392811; info@jacksonstreet.co.nz

    Many thanks,
    Karen (JSP Administrator)

  • Hello there, can you please tell me if you are open to the public, if so where are you. As I take a small group of people of foodie trips and they would be interested in yours,as they love olives,if possible this would be great, if not I understand,we are all triple vac and face masked,, k you Anne Miller

    Anne miller

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