The olives arrive in these beautiful tins (with 10 or 12kg of olives in then, depending on whether they are pitted or whole). To date we’ve been recycling these tins. But we think that they are too good looking to be so casually discarded. So, after a bit of trial and error, we’ve worked out how to take the top off the tins without leaving any sharp edges. Note that some of the tins have minor creases or marks on them.

They can be used as rubbish bins, planters (ideal for your potted Olive Tree perhaps?) – or anything else you can think of (send us your photos and we’ll put them up on our website).

Dimensions: 350mm high by 235mm square.

Or make a donation to Kaibosh and send the receipt and your details to with your contact details. Freight charges will apply if you live outside Wellington.

Olives Tins - empty


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