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Elysian Taramasalata is Aotearoa New Zealand’s only locally-made Taramasalata!

Our delicious recipe hails from a small island off the coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea and was passed down through generations! We now produce this delicacy in small, handcrafted batches on Wellington’s Miramar peninsula.

Retail pack: 200g

Wholesale: 1kg


Elysian Elaiasalata (el-lee-ya-sal-ah-tah) takes the best of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and mixes it with a bit of Kiwi ingenuity.


The result, a delicious and original creamy elaia (olive) dip produced here in Miramar.


Retail pack: 200g

Wholesale: 1kg


Thick, delicious and gluten-free, our Tzatziki is made with locally-sourced yoghurt, fresh cucumbers and zero waste olive oil from The Olive Press in the Wairarapa.

Try a schmear on wraps and kebabs (souvlaki) or as the perfect condiment for lamb, chicken and fish. 

Retail pack: 200g

Wholesale: 1kg


Amazingly flavourful and hand-marinated at our HQ in Miramar. A must try!

Available in: Green Whole, Green Pitted, Mixed and Spicy.


Retail pack: 300g & 1kg

Wholesale: 2kg


Sourced from a small, family-run business in Australia, these Sugared Almonds are perfect as wedding favours, christening treats and so much more!

Available in: White & Assorted colours.

Retail pack: 200g
Wholesale: 1kg


We also supply Tarama - the salted fish eggs that are the core ingredient for making Taramasalata. The local Greek community come in and buy 250g pots so they can make their own Taramasalata at home. We also supply in bulk to several restaurants around New Zealand who prefer to make their own Taramasalata.